A quick spin of Raspbian

I took a quick look at Raspbian because I wanted to quickly check the performance of its GUI and how easy it was to get audio and video working. I normally run ArchLinux on my kit.

I used a first-gen 256MiB Raspberry Pi Model B because that's the spare that was available at the time.

I had to force HDMI in config.txt because it wasn't detected (it was a VGA display via an adapter).

Raspbian boots with a SSH server enabled. It initiaises its network connection with DHCP and shares it's hostname raspberrypi. THe initial login user is pi with password `raspberry.

$ ssh pi@raspberrypi # enter password `raspberry`

I added my MPG2 video license key to config.txt to enable hardware video acceleration. I added


! replace DEADBEEF with the actual licence key.

I checked that it was enabled after booting up

$ vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2

I then used omxplayer, which was already installed, to play full-HD video. I had to force audio to the jack:

$ omxplayer -o local myvideo.tts

Video playback was flawless. I also tinkered with ALSA and added the snd_bcm2835 kernel module before discovering -o so not sure if it was necessary.

I tried VLC but it doesn't use hardware acceleration. Apparently it does if it is re-compiled. I didn't bother trying this, however.